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Monitoring current performance and availability of Qlik Sense site is not out-of-the-box feature, but can be easily achieved with native REST connector and requesting engine\healthcheck JSON API.

Our customer recently asked us to support 98% availability of their Qlik Sense production site (i.e. only 7.31 downtime days per year), so we developed a Qlik Sense app, that reads and stores a snapshot of engine/health check JSON data and shows it in a few visuals. It reloads in a few seconds and thus can serve as a Qlik site monitoring tool.

In case you are wondering why we don’t use a specialized monitoring tool, the answers are:

  • No extra costs for the customer
  • They already have the best Data Integration and Data Analytics tool, which is completely transparent, so it does not make sense to invest their time and energy into some “black-box”
  • They decide on further development, what they need to add, what they need to see = they are in control

If you have a similar challenge then check a more detailed description HERE and request it from our Customer Operations Group.

Enjoy 🙂

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